Nestle EveryDay makes peace between Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik

In its latest ad, the food and beverage multinational brand has the celebrity couple disagree on almost everything except for one thing – that its dairy whitener is the perfect accompaniment to tea.

India and Pakistan may be at loggerheads most of the time over issues which may range from political to cricket. But, deviating from the usual, the food and beverage company Nestle, in its latest dairy whitener ad, has brought together ace Indian woman tennis player Sania Mirza and her Pakistani cricketer husband Shoaib Malik to actually agree!

Nestle ad
Nestle EveryDay
Nestle product shot

Set against the backdrop of India-Pakistan hostilities, Nestle’s latest ad film shows Mirza and Malik disagree over almost everything ranging from sweets, and the weather, to music and beyond, much to the chagrin of their domestic help who appears confused and irritated. Nevertheless, she serves them tea and the couple, in a turnaround, instantly agree that Nestle EveryDay is the best choice for making a perfect cuppa of tea.

It is later revealed that in a ‘Khaas Taste Challenge’ conducted by the brand, nine out of 10 lakh respondents agree that Nestle EveryDay is the right formula for the perfect cup of tea. The 53-second ad which was uploaded on YouTube on March 11, has already garnered 104,241 views.


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